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About Us

We are a full service design and marketing site. We take every aspect of your website project very seriously. We can do anything and everything from helping you build a site from the ground up, provide hosting for a site you built with us, or even a site you built with someone else. We can work on a site you had someone else build for you. We can even take care of all your search engine marketing needs. We have a proven track record helping people rank well on all the major search engines such as,,, and

We have rock bottom prices, but full quality service. We don’t skimp on anything. When you sign up to have work done, you get a fully dedicated designer and or search engine marketer. We don’t bounce you around to 5 or 10 different people where you have to explain what you want done to each of them. When you call us here, the person you talk to, is going to be the person who works on your site. Here are Marketing and Design we believe that the customer is always right. If ever an issue arises, please feel free to bring your concern up with your dedicated designer and or search engine marketer and your issue will be resolved immediately.